Mini YouTube

"Watch YouTube videos while you scroll to read comments."


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Automatic Transition
Just scroll down and read some comments.
The video automatically transitions into the floating screen when the video player is out of view and goes back when you scroll back up.

Just drag and place it anywhere you like.
The mini screen is draggable. You can drag and place it anywhere you like so it doesn't hide that interesting comment you want to read!

Play and Pause
Just click on a screen to play/pause.
Cat comes into your room when you're reading comments on YouTube? Don't worry, click on that video to pause it and resume when you come back later!

Just resize it to your preference.
The screen is too small? Just hover to the bottom right corner and drag it to the size you like!

It just remembers.
Resize, drag and place it to your preference. It remembers your configurations for the next videos.

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